Technical Writing by Google

Learn how to plan and author technical documents

Learn to communicate effectively through written documents. Learn to identify your audiences’ level of understanding and knowledge. Create outstanding memos, graphics, letters, fliers, reports, newsletters, presentations, web pages, brochures, proposals, instructions, reviews, press releases, catalogs, advertisements, handbooks, business plans, policies and procedures, specifications, instructions, style guides and agendas.

Course Outline

Module 1

Identify & Understand the Audience:

In module 1 you will learn how to understand and identify the audience you tend to target. Before planning any document it is very important to understand the target audience. A document created without considering the target audience will generate no good results. This is the key to creating result generating emails, marketing campaigns, and good reports, guides, instructions, proposals and much more.

Module 2

Active VS Passive Voice

Learn the art of making your document precise, shorter, clear and modern. Learn how to use active and passive voice efficiently. Understand when passive voice is considered better than active voice.

Module 3

Preparing Instructions/Steps:

In this Module we will learn how to list and bullet. Most of us think that bulleting and listing are alternatives but both of these styles are used for different purposes. Knowing the purpose would help you make your document stand out. Listing and bulleting are used almost in all types of writing but they are vital for guides, manuals, procedures, instructions, processes, agendas and reports.

Module 4

Prepare Precise Documentation:

We all agree and no one has the time today to read long and lengthy documents, or even if someone reads a lengthy document chances are that he/she might miss out an important point. Having said that, this module will enable you to communicate your message or ideas optimally using fewer words. You’d learn the art of trimming down the sentences without altering their meaning.

Module 5

Self Editing & Revising Text:

In this module we will learn to make the document even better. There is always room for improvement and this is what needs to be considered once you have created a draft for the document. This module will help you learn the techniques to review and edit the documents on your own without the help of a third party.

Module 6

All in One:

In this module you will get to practice everything you have learnt above, starting from understanding the audience, practicing active and passive voice, trimming down the length of sentences to make the document precise, exercising bulleting, listing and self editing.

Who should learn it?

This course can benefit a lot of you.

Professional Software Engineers

those working in organizations and want to contribute more to their work or the ones having their own start up or business and want to improve their output.

Computer Science Students

both graduated and studying students who are looking for a job or want to work can opt for this course and enhance their skills.


all types of managers can learn from this course. As they deal with diverse teams and mostly give directions this course is ideal for them.

Digital Marketers

Professional or fresh content and social media marketers who want to create modern and attractive content.

Why should you learn Technical Writing?

This course is essential for the above-mentioned professionals because they are good at their work but most of the time due to lack of good communication skills they face problems. The field of engineering, computer science, chemistry, digital marketing etc are complex hence it is not possible for everyone to understand it and lack of good communication skills makes it harder.


From where you can learn about it other than BrightSpyre Academy?

The Technical Writing course is offered by Google Developer platform. Google offers this course to be used by facilitators and train more and more people to improve their technical writing.


What are outcomes?

Understand the key to effective technical writing. Once we have basic understanding then we can write the directions, instructions and processes in the most effective and suitable form.

Learn about the Audience

Understand the audience you are writing for and communicate swiftly.

Writing better instructions, processes and messages

Learn to make the written communication simple and effective.

Effective Communication

Get the desired result with spot on communication with all stakeholders.

We are in Beta Phase and are conducting this workshop with a selective number of participants to improve the content of our courses. If you are interested in “Technical Writing by Google” email us at