Science of Learning

Train your brain to learn anything

We learn the structure of our brain and how we can train our brain to learn and achieve anything. By learning about our brain structure - we understand ourselves better and then carve a personal roadmap to learn anything, building the first pillars of the growth mind-set and then repeat the lessons learnt in our lives to achieve our life goals.


In the current age of the knowledge economy, we spend a considerable part of our lives in education, learning and re-modelling ourselves for career growth. But we never learn the architecture of our brain, the functions of our brain and how information processing works in the brain.  Lack of understanding about our brain leads us to the weakness in our abilities to tweak our brain for better learning, performance and our maximum potential as a human being. 

Neuroscience tells about the structure, function of the brain and how different systems inside our brain coordinate and work.  We introduce you to the basics of neuroscience for learning and performance optimization. Once we understand our brain, we restructure our brain for growth mind-set and train ourselves for optimal performance in whatever you do in your life. The best of all is that in-addition to tuning yourself for best performance you’ll be more creative and will be able to rest and sleep better.


We’ve designed this course to help you understand your brain and then retrain your brain for learning anything, build a growth mindset and built a mechanism of optimal-performance by understanding our brain. Consider this your neuroscience cum optimising your human potential course.

We conducted this course and workshop with children (aged 7) to adults (age 45) and we’re surprised that the children were the most curious, showed maximum interest and were able to better understand the complex concepts about the brain. We’re continuing this course with the children and adults. Though we challenge the adults to to invoke the hidden curiosity element in your-self and start the process of training your brain for career growth.

Course Outline

Module 1

Module 1 is the combination of what we learn in our lives. As humans we learn everything in our lives and the best ones of us hack our learning potential to build something remarkable. The learning potential is the single most important think that was hacked by the best inventors, renowned scientists and aspiring artists. This is the reason we remember these people for their work for centuries.

The second part of the module focuses on what is the internal structure of our brain, how and what different parts of the brain work and perform and understand the ability of the human brain to rewrite its internal structure all the time.

Module 2

How we can start the process of learning or initiate the process of getting anything done by training our brain. We deep dive what stops us from creating our to-do lists or why mile-stones in our to-do lists are never completed.

Module 3

How to optimise the process of learning and achieving hard milestones. This part of the workshop focuses on the three modes of brain modes - focus mode, un-focus mode and sleep mode. We work on building a deep understanding of these three modes - that allow us to work with passion, grit. We learn the art of moving away from the state of stress, frustration and depression to super achievers state.

Module 4

In this module we focus on building workshops where we learn new techniques to optimise our learning in the traditional learning and learning new skills outside our traditional skills domain. We learn to have fun with difficult subjects like science, mathematics.

Module 5

Building patterns that help us succeed and move forward is as important as learning new things. We build some exercises and techniques to optimise the process of memory.

Module 6

We combine all of the learnings, create a new path of life for us and then monitor the changes and outcomes in our life.

Who should learn it?

We’ve run this course with children from age five to adults aged 50. This course is for everyone of us who wants to change their lives, succeed in life by understating and training their brain for optimal performance.


Grade 1 to University Students. We’ve run this course with grade 1,5,7,9 and university students. We found that the most responsive, attentive, and curious ones were the learners are children early in their age.


Who want to know the process and science of learning and then take the lead to guide the children in their learning journey.

HR Manager

Understand the basics of neuroscience to take the lead in building a learning and growth culture within your organization. The outcome is that you’ll be able to rethink your own work and can build a culture of learning and extreme performance in your organization.


Learn the basics of neuroscience and science of learning and tweak the learning environment in your class to bring the best learning outcomes.

Why should you learn to learn?

The learners mind is essential to the growth mindset. Also, the learner’s attitude is one of the most sought skill when you are being interviewed for a job, starting a new career or want to excel in your career.

Active learning and learning strategies is second top most skill in WEF 2025 top skills.


From where you can learn about it other than BrightSpyre Academy?

 The learning to learn is one of the top ten popular courses on coursera and taught by professor ___. Initially, we started as taking notes of the coursera course material with intention to spread it to more communities – but later we find many areas of improvement and have rebuilt the course.

What are outcomes?

Understand the most important part of ourselves – our brain. Once we have basic understanding then we can train our brain to learn anything, achieve anything, and become an expert in our field.

Personal Development and Career growth

How we learn, become experts in our work, and live a meaningful life.


How to change and train your brain to learn anything.

Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive Psychology is about the psychology of brain. Cognitive Psychology tells how behavioural practices can be adopted and used to train our brain and achieve our goals.

We are in Beta Phase and are conducting this workshop with a selective number of participants to improve the content of our courses. If you are interested in “Science of Learning” email us at