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Courses & Workshops

Personal Development

Science of Learning

Train your brain to learn anything. We learn the structure of our brain and how we can train our brain to learn and achieve anything.

Introduction to Human Centered Design

Learn to provide human centered solutions for problems by involving people in the problem solving process.

Emotional Intelligence

Understand and manage your emotions positively to communicate better, relieve stress, be productive and avoid conflicts at workplace.


Learn to solve problems through innovation and invention. Companies look for problem solvers and a creative mind can help to produce valuable solutions.


Technical Writing Course by Google

Learn how to plan and author technical documents. Learn to communicate effectively through written documents. Learn to identify your audiences’ level of understanding and knowledge.

Communication Strategies in Virtual Age

Learn the techniques to communicate effectively with virtual teams. Learn to conduct result generating meetings and deliver impactful presentations


Content Marketing Strategy

Learn the strategies to acquire and retain customers through content marketing. Understand the framework of developing and implementing a content marketing strategy and learn how to measure its effectiveness.

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