Content Marketing Strategy

Creating, Implementing & Analyzing Marketing Strategies

Learn the strategies to acquire and retain customers through content marketing. Understand the framework of developing and implementing a content marketing strategy and learn how to measure its effectiveness. This course will enable you to build your own personal brand and also create content for marketing of other businesses as well.

Course Outline

Module 1

Identify & Understand the Audience:

In module 1 you will learn how to understand and identify the audience you tend to target. Before planning a content it is very important to understand the target audience. A content created without considering the target audience will generate no good results. This is the key of creating viral content, a content becomes viral when it reaches the right person. A content can only reach the right person when it is created keeping in mind the ultimate target audience.

Module 2

5 P’s in Content:

As discussed above content needs to be created keeping in mind the target audience, right! But how should a content be designed, what components should it comprise of? These questions are answered here in Module 2. You will learn about various components of content, how each component makes the content stand out, how to use all the components together to create attractive and meaningful content.

Module 3

Strategic Context:

In this Module we will learn that only writing great lines, creating fascinating graphics won’t do the work for you. It happens a lot of times that a content does not generate the desired result. The result you want is sales but what you get is more engagement. This happens when you do not set up the context of a good content. Context of a content is good when the content is decoded in the same way as you wanted, meaning the reader of your content understands the exact same message which you wanted to communicate.

Module 4

Website Design & Usability:

Module 4 is not limited to website only but the same points can be followed to improve your Public Social/Business Accounts as well. This section would help you learn how to showcase the product or service that you are offering. If you have a blog post how to make it better so visitors know what you blog about, what benefits you can provide them, how they can acquire your service etc. This module focuses on how to make enough information available for the visitors in an attractive way so that it triggers the desired action.

Module 5

Strategic Type of Content:

In this module we will learn about different types of content. It is important to know about the different types because each type of content is used for different purposes. Now it is the responsibility of the content creator to identify which type of content he/she wants to create keeping in view the purpose for which the content needs to be created.

Module 6

Which Data is the Most Important?

All the marketing efforts done are to achieve some specific goals and whether you achieved that goal or not can only be determined if you analyze the outcomes of the campaigns run. In this Module you will learn to interpret the insights provided by your website or social media platforms to analyze whether your campaign was a success or not.

Who should learn it?

This course can benefit a lot of you. 

Individuals / Partners

who want to start or have started their own business and want to create brand awareness and engagement for their business.

Fresh Graduates

who have skills and want to opt freelancing but do not know how to showcase their capabilities and reach the right type of audience.


individuals working in the marketing department of a company with less or no experience.


who are pursuing their undergraduate or postgraduate degrees in marketing and want to explore more than just their textbooks. Or students who want to switch their field and are interested in digital or social media marketing.

Why should you learn Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the secret that makes your content viral. This skill may be used to earn through freelancing, creating a personal brand as well as working part or full time in an organization as a social media or marketing manager.

The Content Marketing industry is growing and it is expected to grow to $107,540.6 million by 2026, from $36,786.6 million in 2018, growing at a CAGR of 14.3%.


From where you can learn about it other than BrightSpyre Academy?

The strategy of content marketing is one of the most popular courses on coursera and Udemy. Initially, we started as taking notes of the coursera course material with intention to spread it to more communities – but later we found many areas of improvement and have rebuilt the course.


What are outcomes?

Understand the fundamentals of Content Marketing. Once we have basic understanding then we can create multiple online strategies to market content successfully and become an expert in our field.

Content Marketing Ecosystem

How to create a professional brand, learn fundamentals of copywriting and content marketing research to beat competitors.

Capturing the Journey of Customer

Understanding the psychology of customers, what they buy, how they buy from where they buy.

Managing Content

Knowledge about plagiarism & copyright law, learn to identify website and social media performance through data, creation and use of multimedia content.

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